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This site has become largely obsolete with my purchase of I don't expect to make many further changes to this site in future. For full details about me, follow this link and for more details, follow this link to my main site.

Each Christmas, we send a letter to our friends around the world. Some letters from recent years are included here.

Ian and Viv's Christmas letter 2001

Ian and Viv's Christmas letter 2000

Ian and Viv's Christmas letter 1999

Ian and Viv's Christmas letter 1997

Ian and Viv's Christmas letter 1996

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Favourite places to go, adventures to share.

The sites which I have chosen on here are of personal interest to me. Maybe some of them will be sites you have not come across before. I hope you like what you find here.

Take a trip round Keble College, Oxford.
Eat Christmas cake from Collin Street Bakery.
Wander around Disneyland in Anaheim.
Listen to Les Miserables, the finest music of recent years.
Learn about and play Colossal Cave, the best computer game ever.
Read Aardvark, the daily New Zealand computing news.
Radio Rhema, changing lives for good.

Mersenne Prime Numbers

Learn about Mersenne Primes and join the search for more.

Short stories, longer stories, sermons

All this material has moved to

My travels
Describing 200,000 miles of travels in more detail than you want.

Some sermons
Viv's Bookshelf

Vanuatu Historic Links

Stan Combs: A Canadian's Perspective
Kiaman Buluk: An introduction

A collection of odds and ends

"Alice's Restaurant Massacree" by Arlo Guthrie
"Go to statement considered harmful" by Edsger Dijkstra
"Urban Legends" from a friend of a friend...
"Suburban (?) Legends" from snopes...

Hi there! Kia ora! Olsem wanem! Bula! Kako Si! Bonan tagon! Aloha! Guten Tag! Talofa! Haere mai! This page was last updated at Christmas, 2001.

Thank you, Mark, for pointing out that we're not updating here regularly. However, my main site IS updated regularly.

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